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VAT enabled ERP Software to manage your business

Our Software enables you to stay VAT ready and track your business efficiently.

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Inventory Management

VAT Accounting

Project Management


Asset Management

Hr & Payroll Service

Trading ERP

Professional Service

Discrete Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing


Money Exchange & Remittance

General Accounts

Cash Flow Forecast

Automatically estimate the cash that flows in and out of the business and the amount that requires transaction and borrow.


Post Dated Cheque

Now optimize the date of the cheque according to the clients, in the invoice, either cashed or deposited.


Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile the difference between the bank’s records and our books as shown by the organization and the auto-updated details using our ERP software.


Profit Centre & Financial Insights

Segregate profitable outcomes from regular ones, either by benchmarking or individual data analysis.



Areed IT Services ERP has multi-currency facilities to cater to your needs of payment, deposition, conversion and transaction. Euros or Dirhams! Areed IT Services is here to aid!


Track Invoices

Invoice management is never a complicated term anymore. Use Areed IT Services to manage your invoices right from numbering them accordingly and storing them in the private cloud for your future reference.


VAT Returns

Issue tax invoice when dealing with taxable or VAT exempted goods or services at a single click.


Sales and marketing team is the backbone of any organization. The sales team has many priorities. Areed IT Services ERP serves them with a purpose, designed with a target to decrease their workload, thus improving decision-making strategies of an organization.

Estimates to Sales Cycle

Break down the tasks allotted and associated attributes required for the project estimates and send quotations automatically to customers.


Customize Product Attributes

Areed IT Services is here to aid you in easily customizing product attributes based on the Product Category like for Laptop – RAM, CPU, OS etc at a single click.


Invoice Numbering

Keeping track of the invoices has always been a tough task for sales people. Easily number your invoices and optimize it according to your preference.



Areed IT Services ERP is here to help you export your products, right from tracking sales estimation to informing you the payment of bills by your customers.


Delivery challan

Areed IT Services lets you create Delivery Challan when you transport your goods from one place to another oblivious to sales.


Sales Team

Now track and manage the activities of your sales team, interact with them whenever needed and schedule meetings at a button’s click.



Compliance is an important term which implies certain regulations for approval of projects, consistency of brands etc., Maintain the sales compliance using Efftrac ERP.


Order Amendments

Congrats on your new order ! Now convert the quotation into an invoice data after confrming the order, at a single click.


Automatic Tax Calculation

Calculate tax automatically according to the liabilities and protocols laid out by FTA. Now effectively manage the selling and billing of products based on these taxes.


The purchase team plays a vital role in ensuring the success of an organization. The quality of the product and the raw materials purchased for manufacturing needs are to be monitored. Areed IT Services lets the purchasing team sit back and perform their role with zero stress.

Indent Management

You can easily enable users from other departments to create and submit their indent requests for their procuring tasks and goods.


Purchase Order

Generate purchase order by indicating the type, agreed price, quantities and get the order approved by PO based on requisites and send notifcations to PO regarding the status of the order.


Email Purchase Order

Quickly mail the purchase order once the order is approved by the designated offcer.


Purchase Bill

Record purchase bills stating the time frame and for what price the item has been purchased.



Now track the activities of importing goods and supplies needed for your product.



A customer might need to return back the previously purchased product or goods and request a refund or an exchange. Track down the process easily.


Goods Receipt

Register and store the receipts with the specifcations of goods that you have physically received in the warehouse.


Quality Control

Adhere to all the quality standards by inspecting the goods received & document the process.


Track Transit Goods

Track the goods that have been approved by the PO along with stock goods that are already present to meet the demands of customers.


Asset Invoice

Track the asset invoice with reference to asset transaction and asset buyout effciently.



Track the expenses incurred by your organisation accurately.

Inventory Management

Inventory management plays a vital role when it comes to the success of the business. Holding inventory based on only what is required would help the company in optimizing their resources. Now, Efftrac ERP is the one-stop solution for all your inventory management steps to track inventory across the organization and control its movement

Multiple Warehouse

Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer and generate reports for specific warehouses within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fngertips.


Inventory Control

Ensure that proper quantities of stock are managed by the business, to meet the demands of customers by maintaining minimum costs of stock.


Decimal Precision

Precisely note the values of decimals without rounding off or consolidating the amount to the nearest value of the integer.



Track the activities bound for outsourced services and goods along with materials, transportation and total cost incurred for the raw materials.


FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average

Optimize the inventory management by FIFO (First bought-First sold), LIFO(Last bought- First sold) or Weighted Average(Sold simultaneously).


Third Party Inventory

Areed IT Services ERP provides third-party inventory management services for tracking customer inventory in the Stock houses, recording Material Resource Planning and receiving the inventory.


Asset Management

Track your asset functions, production and maintenance, uptime and downtime, warranty and compliance and manage your fxed assets, asset inventory. In short, always be audit-ready!



Carry out asset buyout, asset transaction and
asset purchase agreement without any hassle using Areed IT Services.



Keep track of all the fxed assets of your business
and properly maintain a register containing the details of them. Thus manage and control the assets effectively.


Maintenance Log

Maintain the physical assets properly and thus
improve the safety, effectivity, reliability and lifetime of it.



In case of ownership change of an asset, they
may be required to shift from one account to another. Now track the movement of these assets effectively.


Track Unique IDs

Track the unique numbers, license and other
liabilities assigned to the asset.


Fixed Asset Verifcation

Efftrac helps you to conduct physical asset
verifcation using RFID stickers which the software embeds virtually on the assets.


Contact Management

You can manage your vendors and customers and cater to their needs, using contact management.

Contact Profile

Manage your potentials and customers effectively by knowing the location of your customers, identifying which web page your leads are interested, which products they are interested in, which form they have flled out etc.,


Tier Management

Create the necessary rules for downgrading/upgrading levels of membership of customers and membership renewal and processing of batches to perform these changes in customer’s membership.


Payables & Receivables

Keep track of the amount which you owe your customers and amount which your customer owes you and avoid confusions, using our software.


Auto Reconcile

Areed IT Services updates your account automatically each time you make changes to it.


Price List

List the price of your products, stocks, goods and services and optimize it, whenever needed. Issue the same price through our software to your customers.



Have a record of what your customers are doing, who are the most probable potentials, how your customers have reacted to your campaigns etc, using dashboard.



Segregate Sales

Tag sales based on the nature of the customers (Registered / Unregistered / Designated Zone).


Reconcile Purchases

Match and reconcile all your purchases to take appropriate actions.


VAT Returns

Facilitate returns with automated XML & XLS file preparation.


CA/ Tax Professionals Portal

Areed IT Services has a special portal for the convenience of Chartered accountants and tax professionals.

Mobile App

EffiVAT is an effective App that lets you stay connected and manage your business from anywhere at anytime.



Track your Business performance using an
inbuilt Dashboard that denotes the numbers and graphs specifying sales, payroll, purchases, turnover and so on.



Using EffiVAT App, Data can be viewed offline
and updates can be previewed automatically.


Create Sales Record

Manage and create sales record by sorting
down the order type, products imported and exported and organizing the sales from anywhere, at any time.


Record Sales returns

Record the returns from the customer as a
Debit to a Sales Returns and a credit to the Receivable accounts against a previous sales transaction.


Record Payments

Before applying to an invoice, record the payment, whenever you receive offline or online payments from the customers, according to the company’s terms.


View-Reprint invoices

Not only viewing of invoices for future
reference, you could also re-print the invoices once you have optimized it, simply using your Smart mobile device.


Anywhere, anytime

Connect to the internet to manage your
accounts, keep accurate records or review reports anywhere and anytime.


Bluetooth printer integration

Optimize the printer according to your needs
and operate it, by connecting your mobile to the Bluetooth.


GPS Tracking

Track the location of your customers, discover
the popularity of your products location wise and customize your business as per your client’s locality.


Customer Workflow

Minimize the distractions and loopholes in
serving the customers using Areed IT Services ERP.


Third Party Integration

Integrate with your preferred software,
customize the software according to your options.