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Areed IT Services is one of the best Abu Dhabi CCTV Camera’s installation services company providing complete range of Security camera installation services, support & maintenance. Our center of ability is to incorporate CCTV Camera, Security Systems with mobile viewing, night vision and voice. In this competitive market for CCTV everyone is looking for a simple & reliable solution under one roof and at Areed IT you have everything related to your desired service. We are dealing in following CCTV brands such as HikVision, Premax, CP Plus, Samsung, Sony, IDIS etc

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Full Range of CCTV Camera & IP Camera Solutions

Regardless which industry you are in. Super clear and highly popular CCTV Camera & IP Camera

CCTV – Home

Watch your loved ones when you are not there and make sure everything is its right place. Help you and your family be always safe from harassment, burglars or strange persons.

CCTV – Office

Enhance office security with CCTV Camera. Use CCTV Camera and IP Camera to improve office productivity, reduce overhead cost, and keep important evidence for long period.

CCTV – Retail

keep CCTV footage as evidence in case there is any dispute from customers. Secure those valuable stocks of your retail shop. Keep an eye on your cash register. No loss of petty cash.

CCTV – Industry

Protect products and materials in your industrial factory with CCTV Camera. Deter burglars from stealing. Keep evidence in case there is an accident. Watch your production remotely.

CCTV – Restaurant

Watch your POS counter remotely with CCTV camera. Keep end-of-day sales report in your CCTV server. Solve dispute with customers. Your restaurant is safer with CCTV camera system.

CCTV – School

Keep important video & audio evidence in case of complaint from students’ parents. Prevent vandalism in school. Always know what is happening in your tuition centre wherever you are.