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Choose your Web Development company very carefully. It’s not easy to choose someone to develop your website. In this business, people will promise you the moon, the sun and the sky, and then fail miserably to deliver. The site might not work the way you wanted, or look the way you wanted, and chances are it will be really hard to use. You’ll have blown your budget and wound up with a product that fails to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

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So Why Trust AREED IT Services?

  • We Have What It Takes
  • We know what we’re doing
  • We understand your needs
  • We know that every site we build will only benefit You
  • We have immense experience developing websites that embody every level of complexity, from simple HTML to sophisticated ASP.NET & PHP web apps and of course solid, secure e-commerce sites.
  • We’re masters of every programming language and web standard
  • We thoroughly test your website to make sure it works in every browser and every device

E-Commerce Solution

Functionality is Critical like everything else involved with developing for the web, the technology underlying e-commerce has advanced by leaps and bounds. Join the E-Commerce Revolution. Twenty years ago, no one bought things online, but today it’s a trillion dollar industry. If you’re a business and you’re selling something, you’re doing it at least partly online. But it’s not enough to copy-and-paste a PayPal button onto your site – you have to have a top-notch team who knows how to flawlessly convert visitors into paying customers.

Making purchases online may feel the same for the consumer, but there’s so much more going on under the hood. For instance, purchasing can be carried out in local languages and currencies, even the local date and time. You can also integrate search engine optimization techniques to improve search ranking, breadcrumbs to allow users to move around your site without clicking backwards. All these features, and many more need to be supported by world-class computer code. Sloppy programming could lead to site freezes, security holes and worse. Good technology means good business.

Mobile Application Development

Apps: Not Just An Accessory Anymore. The modern digital universe offers so many ways to connect businesses with customers, but among the most exciting is the growth of applications. The first rule of marketing is to go to the customer, and nowadays customers are mobile. They expect the convenience of interacting with you whenever and wherever they feel like it, quickly, easily and reliably, through their smartphones and tablets.

Our Mobile Application Development professional completely familiar in all the mobile platforms out there, including Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry, and not to mention Windows Mobile. We can build smooth, steady apps that get the job done, whatever that job might be.