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At Areed IT Services, we do everything from scheduling of the content ton publishing of the same. We create intuitive reports that help you scale better hold over the social media channels.

Our stringent array of services for social media marketing in Dubai includes:

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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

Stop wasting time on ineffective social media campaigns. Leave it with us. We’ll get you results.

Managing social profiles in-house often results in a lack of reporting. So how do you know it’s working? Our team of social media experts’  knowledge and experience will keep your costs low and results high. Turn social platforms into a lead-generating machine for your business. Contact us today!

Social Media Service Pricing

Stop wasting time on ineffective social media campaigns. Leave it with us. We’ll get you results.

How much does social media management cost? It depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Some of our clients are interested in growing their brand through an increased social presence, whereas others are looking to grow their businesses through highly-sophisticated social media lead generation campaigns. Whatever the goal, it’s our objective to ensure you’re receiving value from a social media marketing campaign that makes sense for your business. Why pay more for your marketing than you’re receiving in return? Exactly.

Contact us to get an instant quote for SMO services for your business! It’s time to get social and grow.

Our Approach

Too many people try to over-complicate social media. We take a simple approach. We believe SMM campaigns are most effective when brands listen to what their customers want, and deliver genuine, valuable content in return. Ironically, it’s the brands which give the most that receive most in return.

At Areed IT Services, we craft strategic social media marketing campaigns that start with the basic principal of giving. What do you have to offer? From there, we determine which medium will be most effective to disseminate your message. We help you put your valuable message in front of those who could benefit most. With satisfied parties on both ends, we pretty much love what we do.


We just started our educational institution and were hoping for a stream of students coming in to register, but we were unaware that everything is digital now. Areed IT Services helped us with creative social media marketing to help increase our presence over the digital domain.


Being the creative head of a company requires your eyes to be present everywhere, and that just isn’t easy. Areed IT Services helped with the social media where our company lacked dominance.


As a real estate entrepreneur, I wasn’t sure how channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram worked for a business and neither had I time to learn. Areed IT Services took charge and today we have a good following over social channels in Dubai.


The staff at Areed IT Services is very welcoming and talented which is why whenever I need anything related to social media optimization, this agency in Dubai is my first choice.