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AREED IT SMART HOME is a smart home system that lets you flexibly build your smart home. Devices and appliances connected in this system can be controlled, set automatic functions and monitored over the internet through your smartphone.

​AREED IT SMART HOME has a complete smart home system for your home;

  • Lighting control
  • Temperature and ventilation control
  • Garden irrigation system
  • Safety monitoring, gas leak, water leak, smoke detectors
  • Security alarm sensors
  • Automated home appliances (television, air-con, fan, etc.)
  • Automated windows, curtain and blinds system
  • Remote controlled water/gas valve
  • Roller shutter control
  • Door lock
  • Wireless security cameras

​Convenience is one of the biggest reasons that people purchase and install AREED IT SMART HOME Systems. No complicated hacking and wiring. Minimum service and maintenance required. ​Get started with a basic smart home system and simply add additional smart devices as you go. It’s all about simplicity and flexibility!

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From within your home or around the world, AREED IT SMART HOME provides you comfort and convenience while enhancing security and energy efficiency.

Smart Gateway

AREED IT SMART HOME gateway lets you control and automate your home appliances (e.g: television, air-con, fan, etc.) and smart devices by connecting them to the internet and allow remote access through your smartphone. Set your air-con shut off automatically when no one is in the room, with energy saving function can reduce your home’s utility consumption and in doing so make it greener. Set to let the bedroom temperature drop before you go to bed and returning it to a more Eco friendly level gradually over the night while you are comfortably asleep. Get a Amazon intelligent personal assistant “Alexa”, you can use voice control your home.

Smart Light Switch

AREED IT SMART HOME light switch allows you to control your home lighting using your mobile phone, tablet and Amazon Echo voice control. Just swap your conventional light switches out for smart switches fairly easily. You also can schedule a time to turn on/off your lights for convenience or security that cycle on and off to simulate occupancy while you’re away on holiday. Program it to work with a contact or motion sensor and you have automated lights that turns on itself when there is someone presence or turn off if nobody is present. Set it up with Areed IT Smart Home scene switches and you can turn on /off your entire house lights with one button. You can also remotely control your home lighting from anywhere.

Scene Switch

AREED IT SMART HOME Scene Switch is a programmable switch which allows you to use one simple switch to make multiple commands. One button is all you need to turn off all the lights, whether you are in bed or at the door. Set your preferred scene according to your mood, lifestyle and needs. There are unlimited configurations based on individual preference.

Invisible Door Lock

AREED IT SMART HOME Remote Control Lock is an exclusive “invisible” security lock which can be easily installed on any type of door and controlled by a remote controller, wireless keypad, key tag and smartphone. With its 128bit random code wireless signal protection feature, it is impossible to hack. Only you can lock / unlock your door from anywhere in the world and share access with family and friends. Protect your home with an invisible lock! They can’t break-in something they can’t see!

Digital Door Lock

Only you can unlock your door from anywhere in the world and share access with family and friends. AREED IT SMART HOME can control digital door locks through the App. Optional to enable voice control to open your door locks while your hands are busy in the kitchen.

Contact and Motion Sensor

Contact sensors are widely use to monitor open or close status of doors and drawers. AREED IT SMART HOME wireless batteries operated contact sensors can be use for multiple functions thus savings for user. AREED IT SMART HOME wireless PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used as burglar alarms and automatic lighting systems. Protect your home with advance security system, full control or get alarm notification on your smartphone.

Gas and Smoke Detector

The gateway allows you to connect with different type of sensors, control your home safety and security from your smartphone. The wireless batteries operated smoke detector can detect smoke the moment it happens! Most injuries and fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation. Get early warning alert when a fire starts when you are at home or out. Gas detector can be set to automatically cut off gas supply when gas leak is detected, at the same time alert you. Built-in loud audible alert siren when triggered. Be fast, be alert, prevent casualties!

SOS Button

You never know when an emergency is going to strike, so it is always best to be prepared for anything that might happen. Imagine if a burglar breaks into your home and you will not be able to defend yourself. AREED IT SMART HOME wireless panic buttons not only protect people from personal harm. they also can provide an instant alert to the monitoring of elderly at home, when the user feels they are in danger and need immediate emergency assistance they just press the one button, the panic button will send instant alert to the family members. A Panic buttons offer one thing in common – emergency assistance when needed.

Water Leakage Detector

The water leakage detector lets you know if there is leakage under your roof, sink, pipe burst and air conditioner leaking. Wireless feature allows you to move it to a location you suspect may be prone to water leakage. Auto shut off appliances when water leakage alarm is triggered and be alerted on your smartphone. Prevent damages of your assets from water leakages.

Motorised Curtain and Blinds

Curtains or blinds can open or close at a predefined time or depending on the weather and temperature at home.

Convenience: If your house has many windows, especially large windows, manually opening and closing the shades and drapes can be a real hassle. By installing motorised window shades and linking them to a control system, open and close your windows at a touch of a button or get them to operate automatically according to a schedule you define.

Quiet Mode: Minimal motor sound to ensure optimum comfort without the unnecessary distraction. The motor speed will slowdown gradually until it comes to a stop.

Light Touch Function: A simple tugging motion is all you need to manually control the curtains, whether you’re opening, closing or leaving it halfway open. Built-in resistance sensor is a safety feature especially for children playing around the curtain.

Motorised Window Opener

An automatic window opener can be installed to sliding or casement windows, enabling an easy operation via remote control or smartphone.

For example;

  • Conveniently shut windows that were accidentally left open or whenever movement is detected outside.
  • Ideal for the elderly, disabled or physically incapable people and pet owners
  • Useful when windows are mounted high up and hard to reach areas.
  • Automatic Window System linked to smoke sensors and gas detectors operates automatically during an emergency for enhanced safety.
  • The electric window operates automatically when it gets too stuffy inside to increase ventilation.

Automatic Irrigation System

There are many reasons to install an automatic watering system in your garden. AREED IT SMART HOME Automatic Watering System can simplify your home lawn and garden care, reduce water consumption and give you more time to enjoy your beloved garden. It is also the ideal solution for watering your plants while you are busy, away from home.

You may also use the same device to save water by remotely turning off the tap while you are washing your car. Solar powered or 220V main control functions available. Drip for potted plants or sprinkler for lawn and trees available