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This is a form of electronic display that is fast replacing static printed signage. Contents of a digital signage can be easily and frequently replaced without incurring printing & installation cost of conventional static signage, making it the ideal preference of both public and private amenities. A network of digital signage is usually managed through the use of proprietary software which allow users to design, edit, schedule and control the contents to be displayed on each screen. This further giving user the convenient of changing the content of a signage without actually having to be at the actual site.

Digital display systems are usually customized solutions which are design to suit each project’s needs. Some of the major considerations are (but not limited to):

  • Size of the required display
  • Number of required display
  • Network ability or standalone system
  • Orientation of the required display
  • Segmentation of the display
  • Viewing distance
  • Audio requirements

We believe in first understanding each unique requirement of our customers before we offer the right solution. Should you have any requirement for (Page Topic), please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives for a non-obligation on-site survey and discussion.

We can help you make informed decisions with the professional advice and recommendations from our team of AV Specialist, building the ideal solution to meet your specific needs.

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We provide Professional Video Wall Mounts

with multiple configrations

Video Wall

When there is a requirement to achieve a large display size, video wall systems are one of the more cost effective solution. A Video Wall simply means a combination of multiple smaller display devices (i.e. LCD/ LED/ Plasma Panels, Projectors, DLP Tiles etc) tiled together to form the desired screen layout. Main consideration of a Video Wall System is to determine the tolerance of user on how narrow the bezel can be. A Video Wall System with a narrower bezel will help minimise the gap between each active display area, commonly known as mullion, this in turn will give a more seamless overall view of the display. With a combination of video hardware and software, a standard video can be easily magnified onto the Video Wall. More sophisticated are employed to control the display content of each tiled display as and when required giving more versatility of the Video Wall.

Indoor/ Outdoor LED Display System

Large indoor/ outdoor billboard displays can consider the use of LED Display Systems as it targets audience viewing from a distance. These display systems can achieve extremely large sizes and have the flexibility to install even on uneven surfaces, giving an unparallel visual experience. The resolution of a LED Display System is very much dependant on its pixel pitch. Smaller pixel pitch systems are usually used for areas which require to be viewed from a nearer distance from the screen (i.e. Indoor Atriums, Platforms). Technological advancement of LED Display has encourage many users to engage this form of display system that can operate 24/7, producing a well balanced brightness, color and contrast imaging with minimal maintenance requirements and yet low in energy consumption. Larger screens, bigger impact and higher attention.