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Access control systems, also known as ACS are the electronic systems designed to regulate who can view or use resources in a computing environment. Access control is used to limit access to a system or to physical resources. These systems are widely used by the businesses and enterprises to enhance the levels of security and get control over who enters your premises. You can grant access during work hours, deny access out of hours, and generate reports e.g. trace personnel movement and control access to remote buildings across the country from just one location. These system allows authorized individuals to enter, exit and gain access to a location and is often combined with CCTV Cameras or intercom systems to identify the movement of people. The most common types of ACS are- door controllers, card readers, RFID, biometric, etc. You can visit the leading websites/companies, if you are looking for access control system in Dubai, UAE.

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Different Types of Access Control Systems

There are different types of ACS available in Dubai, which are mentioned as below:

role base

Role-based Access Control Technology

Role based Access Control Technology is also known as non-discretionary access control. It is one of the most successful technologies used in the ACS. It is broadly used in the business world as well as among household for enhanced security reasons.

Mandatory Access Control

Access Control

Mandatory access control (MAC) is commonly used in military-based organizations. MAC provides labels which allow individuals to gain entry and pass through the security. The reason why MAC is used in military-based organizations is, it lays emphasis on confidentiality and classification of data.


Access Control

DAC is an access control system that is responsible for deciding who enters the premises. This system uses popular operating systems such as windows. The most common example of DAC is ACL’s

Areed IT Services offers many brands of the best time attendance machines and access control systems in Dubai with installation services all in competitive prices. The major products offered by Areed IT Services are Zkteco, Honeywell, and Hikvision. Here are some of the features of those Brands:

ZKTECO’s Time Attendance Machine Management Features

Quick Return on Investment

Using the fingerprint or face recognition technology will allow you to have accurate information and fast confirmation of a person’s real identity thus, eliminating the possibility of illegal activities and wasted times.

quick return on investment

Effective System Management

Work hour and human resource management for multiple branches in different locations can be handled easily at a central office with the use of TCP/IP-based network.

effective system management

World’s Fastest Processing Speed

With its built-in fingerprint and face recognition technology that have the world’s fastest authentication speed, the system allows institutions with huge number of employees to process the identification check faster and more convenient without the use of any cards.

world best performance2

Flexible Scalability

The work hour data administered by the fingerprint and face recognition system can interwork with other accounting, wage management, and ERP systems. The system can communicate with diverse database and software by using the software development kit that comes with the system or by using software with report-generating options.


ZKTECO’s Access Control Management Features

Flexible System Operation and Management

It offers convenient entry management and visitor tracking capacity with its built-in programs to authorize the people to enter and designate the entry time and restricted areas, etc.

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Effective System Management

Using the TCP/IP-based internet network, the entry and exit paths and status at the entrance door can be easily monitored and tracked on a real-time basis. A centralised control center can manage the entrance of business centers in multiple locations easily.

High Level of Security

With its built-in fingerprint and face recognition technology, it can prevent unauthorised outsiders from entering the building. The Secure I/O (separate controller for door control and I/O expansion) can block forceful entry of outsiders in breaking the system. It also offers a powerful security by encoding data inside the system along with its authentication management.

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Affordable Installation Cost

A standalone-based integrated access control system is user-friendly and at the same time an affordable solution that can offer the optimal performance and convenient management.

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Honeywell’s Access Control Features

  • Embedded Web-Server
  • No Software Required
  • Flash Memory Upgrade able
  • Internet Connection
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Visualised Door Status Viewing
  • Real-time Manual Control
  • Full Reporting Capability
Honeywell Access Control
honey well access control

Honeywell’s ACS Benefits

  • Reduce Costs for PC
  • Reduce Costs of Maintenance
  • Eliminated Upgrading Fees
  • Enabled Remote Management
  • Increased Security
  • Reduced Learning Curve
  • Easy to Monitor
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Manage

Hikvision’s Time Attendance Machine Features

  • Easy to operate – fingerprint and card recognition
  • Easy to install – convenient and flexible wall-mounted installation
  • Easy to manage – manage via Wi-Fi and mobile app
  • Easy to track – export time and attendance reports via USB, set shifts on device locally, and easy to track attendance
Hikvision time attendance
hik benefits

Hikvision’s Access Control Systems Features

  • Access controller that downloads information from software, including the person ID, card number and permissions, granting access to specified personnel at assigned times.
  • Card readers to gather identifying information when a user is verified. The reader then sends the user card information to controllers, and completes the verification process.
  • Fingerprint reader identifies user directly when pressed, sends and saves the user ID and records to controllers, and completes the verification process.
  • Door sensors that retrieve door status – when a door’s status is abnormal, an alarm will be triggered and a notification sent to management software.
  • Software to manage real-time events and monitor device status, as well as link up with other Hikvision devices