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Mobile Platform

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  It's no secret that businesses only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via mobile devices. With a mobile website or mobile app, businesses can boost sales, retain loyal customers and expand their reach. It’s pretty clear that the future of mobile is here. If you haven't already, it’s time to start thinking about building out [...]

Snap chat

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 Smartphones and social media are playing a huge role in today’s . Snapchat is a new way to advertise! Wondering how to use Snapchat for your Business? Want to create deeper connections with your followers? Snapchat can help you build an engaged following, increase loyalty, and boost your brand visibility. You can get your followers involved [...]

Mobile websites vs Mobile apps

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Smartphone users preferred mobile websites to mobile apps when searching the internet. it's no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is! It's now a question of using the statistics to understand how consumers behave when using different types of mobile devices and what their preferences are. Mobile marketing is becoming [...]