Repeated customers

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  Repeat customers are Profitable - But why are they so profitable? - A Repeat Customer is More Likely to shop With You Again and Again! - A Repeat Customer is Easier to Sell To - Repeat Customers spend More On Each Purchase - Repeat Customers Spend More at Key Times - Repeat Customers Share Your [...]

Online purchases

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Online shopping and e-commerce is a huge multi billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by 20% this year to $1.5 trillion globally. E-commerce is constantly changing and evolving with new technology and changes in consumer behavior. It’s increasingly becoming more sophisticated and mobile. With this modern convenience available at our fingertips, it’s almost impossible [...]

Global E-Commerce Sales

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  The availability of e-Commerce applications on various mobility devices is helping to drive sales and revenue. E-tailers like FlipKart, Amazon and Jabong now get 50% of their revenues from consumers shopping on their mobile phones. The rise of Online sales in the developing markets is encouraging retailers to go online for global expansion. Increasingly, Social media is becoming important [...]

Online deals vs Store deals

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71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online, they are going to start their shopping online rather than jumping in a car. E-Commerce will grow your customer base, increase profitability and provide key market research as more users are comfortable providing feedback online than in person. Simply put, selling online will increase sales, [...]